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The equipment in golf

Golf ‐ The equipment in golf |

We all know we need clubs and balls to play golf. We also know that we will play golf more efficiently if we don't just take one club with us and that it is much more comfortable to take our clubs in a bag across the course. But is it really necessary for me to buy a golf glove or a range finder?

The basic equipment

Common complete sets for golf always consist of a driver, a putter and various irons. In addition, there is a bag in which the clubs can be transported. The putter and the irons belong to the utensils that you can't do without when playing, just as you can't do without the balls.

Variety and increased efficiency in the game of golf come with the variety of clubs you carry around with you. I deliberately didn't make the driver essential, because you can play and win any game without a driver. Especially for beginners it makes sense to leave the driver stuck at the beginning, because it is much more difficult or simply different to play.

But which rackets do I really need at the beginning?

As mentioned above, you need the putter for the green. You should also have a wedge that helps you with the bunker and also with the short game. A Sand Wedge is generally recommended for the start. So that you also make meters on the fairway, always have a choice of iron between 6 (rather long) and 9 (rather short) in the bag. With this set of clubs you as a beginner already have enough choice on the course to complete the first rounds successfully. I have deliberately left out the driver, hybrids and all wedges, because they don't necessarily support you in the beginning.

Important: If you buy the rackets in a set, you like to buy rackets that you plan to use later. The set will then be cheaper.

What else belongs to the basic equipment besides the rackets?

The bag is definitely part of a golfer's standard equipment, because you can transport your clubs easily and comfortably. Comfort is important here, because a golf course can sometimes be 10 km long and you can also be on the road for 4-5 hours. The golfer glove is just as important. You shouldn't do without it for many reasons, because the glove protects you from blisters.

What are other advisable helpers?

Back to the clubs again, because you'll soon find that you've mastered your previous set of clubs better and better. You'll also find yourself in game situations from time to time, which will show you how to expand your club set. There are par-5 tracks that are 600 meters long. A cleanly beaten driver will bring you 250 meters closer to the hole. For situations in the short game area it is always advisable to have a Pitching Wedge in your bag. Please make sure that you only have the maximum number of clubs in your bag, especially for tournaments. Otherwise you could be disqualified.

For training I recommend no more than the alignment sticks.

Silence and less silence recommendable helpers

Of course there are still small things that help you again and again - but they also become a matter of course. Let's take the cloth with which you can always keep your clubs wonderfully clean. Because nothing is more distracting than grass or even mud on the clubface when you want to play the next ball.

At this point I would like to recommend you: Buy a small brush with a pull rope. It is a perfect addition and fits every bag. Together with the racket cloth it's an unbeatable combination to keep your rackets clean even after the heaviest rains.

A pitch fork is also a utensil you should always have with you. It's just part of the etiquette that you remove the *pitch marks from your balls on the green.

If you don't want to carry your bag all the time like a golf caddy, get a Trolley, which makes it more and more comfortable on the course. You have more time to prepare for the next shot and you are not completely exhausted after 6 holes. Of course there are a lot of different models: from cars with 2 wheels up to push trolleys with 3 or 4 wheels.

Everyone has got a cell phone and it almost always with him. On the golf course ringing mobile phones are not gladly seen/heard. Nevertheless you have another helper in your pocket, who helps you with the distances and helps you on difficult courses not to lose the overview. You only need one of the countless apps. Most of the time you'll have a scoretracker with you to count your strokes. You'll quickly see where you've improved and recognize your scores just as quickly.

Does that improve my game?

There's always this moment on the course when you watch other golfers with the most interesting equipment and ask yourself: "Do I perhaps also need this to get better? - No! Everybody knows golfers with electronic caddies that automatically bring the club set to the next hole or even follow you automatically. These are products that don't immediately make you better - they only help you to move around the course more comfortably and to prepare even better for the next shot.

These include golf trackers on your wrist, which record your number of strokes almost automatically and tell you where you are on the course at all times, as well as the latest shoes or the golf cart.

In the end, it is crucial that you can play your shot cleanly and continuously. Without training, the best shoe won't help.