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Why is golf so healthy?

The game with the small white ball keeps fit.

Why is golf so healthy?

Golf is not only one of the current trend sports which you can play from the age of kid until you are a wise adult ‐ its good for your health and your mental well-being, too. More then most of the other sports golf is for everyone ‐ independently of age and if you are the sporty kind or not. Whoever takes a few days on golf will soon realize that there is more then an easy game with a bit hitting the ball.

The game with some clubs and a ball stimulates your muscles and your circulation and requires a lot of concentration. What makes the sport so attractive is that you walk in fresh air for kilometers and several hours. This boosts fat burning, the body burns about 1200 calories during golfing. Furthermore the walk is not only good for your heart it is also good for your soul.

Since you are mostly on a golf course on a hilly terrain, you also train your circulation because you carry heavy equipment ‐ when you have to play a ball from a hillside, you also train your stability iof your core body. The rotation of the upper body, when the golfer is hitting the ball, your mobility is improving a lot, too.

Conclusion: Golf improves your conditional fitness, your stability and your mobility. Whoever wants to begin with golf, does not need any special physical conditions.

If you want to know more about that visit me at my home club "GC Timmendorfer Strand" on a trail round or write me a short message for a meeting.

Yours Anna