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Why Golf?

Golf ‐ The first steps in golf |

I am often asked why I play golf. In addition there are often comments like "It's not a sport", "Boring" or "If you play golf, you don't have sex anymore".

At times like these, I like to invite my conversation partners to a range visit so that they can simply get a picture of themselves. Someone who has not yet tried to hit the ball properly with a golf club has no way of understanding the fascination of golf.

The fascination lies simply in the fact that you try with the highest technical measure and the necessary tactical elements to get a small ball into an even smaller hole. And this with clubs that are far too small.

I don't have time for golf at all

You have a lot of exercise in the fresh air. You spend an average of 3 hours and like to walk 10 km per lap. That depends of course on the course you play. There are small courses that you play well in 2 hours. When I was still actively playing football in the club, I was never less than 2 1/2 hours at home with showers and "beer". Not to mention that you were at the game on Saturday or Sunday. There we speak then of 4 hours or more.

For the people who say that golf is not a sport: you burn between 1000 and 1500 calories on such a round.

Furthermore, it's really perfect to get your head off work. I'm rarely so relaxed when I'm on the court and long after that when I've already put the clubs back in the garage.

I want to learn to play golf - what do I have to do?

First of all, I can really recommend that you check the Internet to find out where the next golf course is and then take a look around. Often there are taster courses or for a small fee of less than 10 EUR you can try a few balls on the range. Take one or more friends with you. Then it is more fun.

Ask also gladly times in the circle of friends. There are really many golfers who like to bring friends with them. You might also save a few euros when you register or pay a fee for the course.

If you have already made a few strokes, you should try to get the general handicap next. This will at least entitle you to play on the course where you have earned your playing licence. During the course you will learn the basics of golf, the basic technique and the rules. You will also be taught etiquette.

Here the hurdle is getting lower and lower, because there are already clubs and societies that offer you a really inexpensive course. After that you are not forced to become a member of the club. There are already countless providers for online memberships. These "online clubs" then manage your master data and your handicap. With this you can play on all golf courses.

Isn't that totally expensive?

I often hear that it is much too expensive and that it is all just snobs anyway. Surely in some regions or on some courses golfing is still very expensive. And in these clubs the density of snobs is certainly a bit higher. However, the DGV (German Golf Association) and all the other officials are working hard to make golf a popular sport. This has already been achieved.

This has also led to golfing in many clubs and regions costing just as much as membership in a local sports club. The players you meet on the course are normal, down-to-earth people who also pursue normal professions.

The acquisition costs for a first golf set to start with are certainly not to be dismissed. But for 200-300 EUR you get a solid equipment. With all the costs for shoes, bag, training clothes and tracksuit, I was at football also at such an amount.

Training, training and first tournament

Now that you've passed the course and already got your equipment together, nothing can stop you. You should see that you regularly go to the course and play there. That trains very well.

If you get a more positive feeling after a few weeks, then you should register for the next tournament. Very important so that you can get a handicap. Because you won't have that until after your first tournament.